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10 Years of Digital Health with Youtouch and Coralys Fit & Health!

June 27, 2024
June 27, 2024
In 2014, we launched an ambitious project with our spin-off "Coralys Fit & Health." Our goal was clear: to offer accessible digital health to everyone. Over these ten years, we have served more than 600,000 users across Latin America with our Coralys Fit & Health + Youtouch Telemedicine platform, providing services to major healthcare institutions and improving the quality of life for thousands of people.

The journey has been challenging, full of learning and continuous improvement. We've made mistakes, but we have also achieved great successes that have allowed us to perfect our solutions and services. The accumulated experience in telemedicine, telerehabilitation, and digital health has made us referents in Chile and Latin America.

Our products and services have constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of our users. From mobile applications to web platforms, each innovation has been designed with the goal of facilitating access to health and improving medical care.

Youtouch People

We proudly celebrate this decade of commitment and hard work. We look forward to the future with the hope of continuing to innovate and help those in need for many more years. At the heart of this story are the people who have dedicated more than 60,000 hours of work with passion and creativity to make each advance possible.

Discover how our solutions can help your organization innovate in digital health here.