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International Ada Lovelace Day

October 10, 2023
October 10, 2023
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Hello tech lovers! Today we bring you a celebration that should not go unnoticed: International Ada Lovelace Day, a date that highlights the significant contribution of a pioneering woman in programming and that pays tribute to all the brave women who have left their mark in science, technology and mathematics.

The Origin of a Special Celebration

In 2009, Suw Charman-Anderson founded International Ada Lovelace Day, marking the second Tuesday in October as an occasion to recognize women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This day she strives to highlight the crucial role of women in these fields and at the same time inspire girls to follow in her footsteps.

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Who was Ada Lovelace?

Ada Lovelace, born in London in 1815, was a visionary British mathematician and writer. Her mathematical prowess led her to collaborate with Charles Babbage, the father of computers, in the development of the "analytical engine." In 1843, Ada created a coded algorithm that was considered the first computer program, revolutionizing computing.

Fun Facts about Ada Lovelace

  • The United States Department of Defense honored her legacy with the "Ada" programming language.
  • She was nicknamed the "number whisperer."
  • Her influence inspired many women in programming.

A Big Celebration

Ada Lovelace Day is celebrated in various ways. In London, Ada Lovelace Day Live is organized, a "science cabaret" where women in STEM share their experiences and research in a relaxed, theater-like environment.

Around the world, conferences and activities are held to support women in their respective communities. In addition, information about this day is widely disseminated on blogs and social networks, using the hashtags #AdaLovelaceDay and #DíaAdaLovelace.

This day is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in technology and exact sciences. Join the conversation and share Ada Lovelace's inspiring story on your social networks! 💪🌐 #AdaLovelace #WomenInTechnology #STEM #Innovation