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International Information Security Day

November 30, 2023
November 30, 2023
Did you know that November 30 is International Information Security Day, also known as Computer Security Day?

This special day dates back to 1988, when the world was first introduced to "Morris Worms", the first case of network malware that wreaked havoc affecting 10% of machines connected to the ARPANET. In response, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) said, "Hey, we should remind people to take care of their data every November 30th!" And thus this day of digital awareness was born.

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Employees: Our Safety Heroes!

Today, our beloved employees are the superheroes of digital security. With most of our information in the cloud, we depend on them to keep our data safe. Applause for all of them! 👏👏

5 Tips for a Safer Digital Life

Here are 5 tips that we should all follow:

  • Strong passwords: Use strong passwords and avoid those related to you, such as pet names or birth dates. Vary passwords on different portals for greater security.

  • Do not trust public Wi-Fi: Avoid using public Wi-Fi in high-risk spaces, such as accessing the bank's website or accessing your social networks and email.

  • Always update the software: Although it may be annoying, updates seek to close security gaps. Keep your software and plugins up to date.

  • Don't download everything from any site: Check the security of the website or sender before downloading the content. Don't fall into the trap of free without precautions.

  • The mobile phone also needs care: Manage your mobile phone with the same care as your PC. Download an antivirus and take care of the sites you visit.

This November 30, consider receiving a course, workshop or presentation on computer security, either in offline or online format. Stay informed and committed to protecting your data in the digital world.

Computer security is everyone's responsibility. Let's celebrate this day by strengthening our practices for a safer digital environment! 🔐💻 #ComputerSecurity #ComputerSecurityDay #ProtectYourData